The bicycle-ferry from Alrø to Snaptun Single ticket

Address: Alrøvej - ved øens sydspids, 8300 Odder

Address: Alrøvej - ved øens sydspids, 8300 Odder

Get a scenic island experience on the inlet of Horsens Fjord. Try the charming bicycle-ferry, when you want to explore the area and ride your bike all the way around the inlet of Horsens Fjord. Walking visitors are also more than welcome.

Bring your bike on a unique sailing trip across Horsens Fjord.

During the entire summertime you get the opportunity to do some island-hopping on the stretch between Alrø - Hjarnø - Snaptun. Here you can experience exciting stories, culture, art and beautiful nature on the great bicycle tracks.

5/5 - 29/6 Weekends
30/6 -12/8 All days
13/8 - 30/9 Weekends

Departure from Snaptun Harbour, Snaptun Strandvej, 7130 Juelsminde
10.10 a.m. (via Hjarnø 10.30 a.m.)
3.20 p.m. (via Hjarnø 4.00 p.m.)

Departure from Alrø’s southern point, Alrøvej, 8300 Odder
11.30 a.m. (via Hjarnø 12.30 p.m.)
4.30 p.m. (via Hjarnø 5.10 p.m.)

Pr. person incl. bicycle Kr. 75
Children under 3 years free (Max. to gratis børn pr. voksen).

Transit time is about 25 min.

The bicycle-ferry can carry up to 12 persons. Booking is not required – however we recommend that you buy your ticket in advance.
On the trip between Alrø and Snaptun you make a short stop at Hjarnø, where you must transfer ferry. The bicycle-ferry takes you on the roundtrip from Alrø to Hjarnø, and the Hjarnø Ferry on the roundtrip from Hjarnø to Snaptun. The two ferries dock right next to each other at Hjarnø Harbour.

Bonus: On the trip from Alrø to Snaptun you now have the opportunity to try some island-hopping. Make a stop at Hjarnø, explore the island and continue your trip to Snaptun on the Hjarnø Ferry free of charge. Unfortunately, this is not possible on the trip from Snaptun to Alrø.

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